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I fail to see how this affects me in any way. I think he went to porn as straight and top but later told he was really gay and bottom. Told you that he likes girls too. R12, Duh!!!

He's having sex with two guys. That's the epitome of bi. Damien didn't start out "straight" in porn OR his private life. You can't just make shit up, r An interview where he says his family knew he was gay since he was That's why it's weird he would begin to say he is bi in the 30s after being gay for so long. R24 half of his fans are female, of course they have to say they are Bi. Also he put himself as 32 and Mediterranean, which he is neither. He's Cuban, but yes, lives n Spain. Got t be 40, I'd say. He's American and much of his family is of Cuban descent.

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He grew up being hot for black boys and loves drinking piss. Any listing for Damien Crosse as "bisexual" is either a typo or a marketing ploy. Agreed, R3 I've never seen a porn star so vigorously searching for the words.. Nothing good about that. But, doesn't he want to settle down with another woman? That's what bisexual men usually do. Other possibility--that I hope isn't the case. A lot of adult performers have criminal records.

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Adoption is a very stringent process and not ex-con friendly. So, "all of that being said": Remember when he was married to fellow porn star Francesco D'Macho? The wedding cake lasted longer than the marriage. I'm surprised they didn't do a honeymoon bareback scene. I like girls. Someone should tell him he won't find one up there, r All you olds keep posting thumbnails. The search for the "right girl" continues! Was he ever double penetrated on screen—and, if yes, in which one?

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Was the marriage to DeMacho a greencard thing? I know we're not in the 's anymore, but are none of these women afraid of HIV? How about a gif, R46? I hear all the cool kids are into those! Oh, and fuck you, you little shitbat. Loves girls Video of Rom fucking Mazza bareback below R It's that exotic mysterious Moorish blood.

Any links to their straight porn or at least their straight performer names? Someone needs to tweet to Damien to get to the bottom of this bisexual thing: He was so beautiful when he was with Titanmen He got too buff for my taste when he went to Raging Stallion. Stop trying to make "hes bi" happen. Can someone check on Erna? I can't believe "they" haven't descended upon this thread yet. As someone mentioned, his twitter says he does 'all male' porn, not gay porn.

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Once you save your settings the first time you will receive a confirmation email. Damien Crosse , Trenton Ducati. October 8, 17, Views. Damien Crosse , Theo Ford. September 23, 11, Views. Damien Crosse , Flex. September 9, 14, Views. Damien Crosse , Dominique Hansson. August 31, 9, Views. Damien Crosse , Jalil Jafar. March 8, 16, Views. February 10, 28, Views.

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Damien Crosse , Juan Lopez. October 5, 16, Views.

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    Adam Wirthmore , Damien Crosse. May 10, 22, Views. Damien Crosse , Paddy O'Brian. March 6, , Views.

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