How much does a gay escort cost

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Banks might be an escort and porn star, but he sure as hell loves to sew. His passion for silks and skirts brought him to New York City in in hot pursuit of a career in fashion design.

But with opportunities scarce, he soon found himself jumping from unfulfilling retail job to retail job, plotting a plan B. Then, early last year, Banks put together his first profile for Rentboy. This, he thought, could be his ticket out. He then kicked back and waited for interested parties to contact him. Banks at work at his sewing machine. He told HuffPost that he hopes to launch a capsule menswear collection at the end of this year. Raydene Salinas.

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In fact, he was recently crowned the top escort in the world at the Hookie Awards , a ceremony co-produced by Rentboy. And life, he says, is really good: But times have changed. Exchanging money for a night of intimacy may still be taboo, but thanks to sites like Rentboy. As a result, industry insiders say, more people than ever are hiring rent boys.

More are also choosing to become escorts, despite the stigma and challenges that come with the job. Today, prospective clients can browse the nearly 3, escort profiles listed on Rentboy.

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Said to be the first male escort ad-listing website, Rentboy. Though comparable sites have since popped up -- including the similarly named Rentmen. Company Director Sean Van Sant says that on a daily basis, the site gets about , unique visitors, about 70 percent of whom access the site from the United States. The average escort on Rentboy. The oldest escort on the site is We're not pimps here, not an agency.

Eli Lewis knitting in his Manhattan apartment left and holding his dog, Lady.

A Male Prostitute Answers 19 Questions About His Job

Nick Kraus. Take Eli Lewis for example. He's a year-old former professional ballet dancer who says he got into escorting a couple years ago to pay off his student loans. Lewis, who attended Sarah Lawrence College before pursuing a career in ballet, says he never expected to become a sex worker.

But spurred on by a need for quick cash after a dance injury and encouraged by how easy it was to get started, he eventually took the plunge. Like many others in the industry, Lewis says he also go-go dances and works in porn to make extra cash.

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Industry insiders say about 60 percent to 70 percent of porn actors also work as escorts. Other escorts shared similar stories. Most said about half their escorting sessions don't involve sex. They know so little about tech work it makes it easy to lie about. I feel bad about it, but I'm never going to tell my parents what I do. Currently I'm trying to implement Spanishiwa's build into my own play.

I'm Mid-level Platinum.

A Gigolo's Life: Male Sex Workers

You get to have sex all day, likely have more income than me and you're better than me at starcraft. What a cruel world. Yes indeed. Spanshiwa is saying he's starting to consider going brood lords instead of ultras in that matchup now. If I hit that point, I don't even care if I win I'm having so much fun! As a protoss player I wish all zergs would sit on roach hydra all game like the good old days. Many of them are married. I get kinda turned on when I see a wedding ring. The married men are usually very respectful and treat me right. I tend to like the married men the best.

Many of them the wife knows what's going on. For one of my clients, he has a separate apartment just for taking escorts to that the wife knows about. When I feel my own personal safety is at risk, or they are asking me to do something I do not want to do. Wow Im glad to see a post like this one. Takes a lot of guts to be open about it. I was part of the escort scene for a few years as well. Although it eventually turned into more of a kept woman arrangement. I find this line of work gets really blown out of proportion by those who dont know anything about it and still very taboo for a few.

You are exactly correct, people have little understanding of the lifestyle and make many assumptions which is why I felt compelled to make this post: Yes I have, I've fallen for one or two of them. I try and keep that side of things out of stuff though, this is business. You ever turn a straight guy gay?

The Internet's Most Desired Gay Male Escorts Tell All | HuffPost

For example: Or is that just a load of shit anyhow, since he was seeking gay sex in the first place? I did both, first he was in a well done wolf fursuit and I rode him- god he was hung! It is an incredible coincidence that a mysterious raccoon appeared right as he was mentioning furries. What's the definition of a good day at work for you personally? Do you see yourself in the same occupation many years from now? If I find out someone's name I usually google them. Most guys are kinda dumb and email me with their work account, or from an email like Jeff.

Folksen whatever. I have hooked up with a fairly high ranking Microsoft exec, A telcom Exec, someone nominated multiple times for the Order of Canada. Do you ever kiss on the job? Also, I really like this AMA, it got me pretty turned on. I'm a closet bisexual living in the Netherlands and I think it's really cool you're doing this.

You said that you top most of the time. If neither of these is true I will not and will fake orgasm if I have to. This helps if I have a second client.

1. "So... How did you get into the business?"

If it starts running over and it doesn't look like it'll finish soon I will end it. I was traveling around the states by myself living out of a backpack. I learned early on I could get a free place to stay by hooking up with someone. It kinda took off from there. You mentioned you tell your family you do odd IT jobs as a cover What do you tell Uncle Sam?

I figure you're making good money mind if ask approximately how much per month or year? Do you file your taxes? If not, are you worried about the fed catching up with? Also, if you're not filing with the government, do you donate to charity to compensate for the fact that you're not providing any money for government services? I do not donate to charity.

I hadn't thought about your point, I might just start doing that. This would be an excellent parallel to the British tv program 'secret diary if a call girl'. What is the most interesting scenario you have found yourself in? I have considered writing a book yes, but I'd rather do that when I'm done with the industry! Most interesting scenario, hmm. Well, I was hired to top a guy while his wife watched over webcam from Japan.

I once roleplayed in a video that the guy was going to try and pass off that I was underage in.

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Is there a session that stands out in your mind that was particularly hot? If so, why? What's the difference between a client that's a pleasure to work with and something that really gets you revved up? Also, what's it like to have "regulars" if you have any? Do you feel like you have any particular bond with any clients, or do you try to avoid that? There have been a large number of session that I found very enjoyable.

Clients who are a pleasure to work with are those that are respectful and predictable- people who I don't have to worry about what will happen. I have a number of regulars. It is kind of like you are dating someone except you have sex before you get to know them.

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