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I have lots of gay friends because I join gay interest groups. I have a boyfriend now but for a long time I found it quite difficult to find guys to date.

Find It Hard To Make Gay Friends? You’re Not Alone. / Queerty

If you thought that he was flamboyant, what impression do you think that he had of you? Are you trying to make friends in bars? At truck stops? Get a volunteer job. Go to church. Start a blog. Make some YouTube videos about your interests. There are plenty of ways to meet people that are not sexualized. Keep up the closet non-sequitur and deflect, deflect, deflect. I find the gay community to be the most judgmental and hypocritical out of any other social groups. Some of you guys have more going on in your pants than in your head. How did you get to be so presumptuous and pretentious?

Stop projecting your own issues onto others. Not everyone has internalized homophobia. Imagine that! Yeah, there comes a time where you just outgrow pretty much everything the gay scene has to offer…. You just prove my point. I have had two close gay friends.

One has died and still friends with the other one. Other gay people use to think I was dating one of them or the other, because we would do things together. Like going out to eat. Helping one move. Picking them up from the airport. Helping them do a home project or just listening to their sob stories. Or they would listen to my rants. They never showed that they were jealous when I met someone. And I never acting jealous when they met someone. We are happy for the other. That we are gay icing on the cake.


Chris L. Both are long term gay friends. I cherish them because i have never found other gay men who seem to want to get to know me without sex. Most are looking for flings or partners. Just like love, stop looking. Get involved in the community and you will meet many people. Most will be acquaintances though. The older you get, the harder it is to make friends.

Sleeping with other people: how gay men are making open relationships work

But if i ask to top them, they are like sure! Are you insane? So ass backwards. Our Gay lifestyle is an ultra-competitive, sexually-driven cult. There is no love or friendship in this game.

How Does a Lesbian Couple Meet Other Couples?

If you want a friend, join a gym and start socializing and hanging out with straight guys. Closer than family. Friendships remain with all but my last ex, as 27 November marked the beginning of losing not only my friends that are LGBT, but straights as well. I have an ultra-rare genetic series of disorders that affects about people in the World.

My great-grandfather had it. It usually transfers from mother-to-son, but with its count and I am the only member of my biological family to have it, this is a rare and destructive series of disabilities. It spread throughout my body from head to toe, and with no research of note happening due to its lack of numbers and therefore profit I must take 32 pills a day. It became so bad that when he told me that it was time for me to move on, i had three bags of clothes and did just that.

When I returned back to my hometown the response was even worse. Those days are gone. So when we discuss this issue I agree that it has become a very uninviting atmosphere everywhere.

Gay couple find out they are brothers!

I do not recognise the palpable discontent of a community than I do now. A cult? Is your moniker for Christianity? You just make me curious as to why you are so anti-gay.

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I hope it is not Scientology. I live in a rural area in east Texas. We try various apps but of course most of them only want a hookup and the others usually live far away. Homosexuality is an inborn trait, which I first recognized in myself at the age of To win at this game you have to think strategically and understand that it is a cult.

I really feel more at ease in the presence of straight men, who have shown me love. This is generally a sad and pathetic comment thread, with the comments from SonOfKings: Gee — several of us report that we DO have gay friends. Really, we do! Maybe you guys could read what we wrote and maybe, possibly, learn something? Yes, you make a very good point. A learned aversion. They mostly seem quite young. In my experience, orgies only happen on Friday nights just in case you need the whole weekend, of course and you need the Official Gay Orgy Card to get in. Please go back and read. I was speaking on behalf of Laura Spencer. From many of the postings it is apparent that many people agree with my comment. If your group of friends is literally trying to sacrifice you, you might actually be in a cult. Just last week I was at the gym, in the sauna, with two extremely attractive, hard-body built, straight boys who are brothers.

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