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Services are aimed specifically at people aged under Information website and online community for gender-diverse people in the ACT. Information on support groups that you can connect with is also available via their website. Services include state-wide counselling, care coordination, substance support, peer education and health promotion. The NTAHC is the main point of contact for people in the Northern Territory who have questions about sexuality or gender, and can put you in contact with local services that provide support.

A non-profit organisation with a focus on the wellbeing of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex LGBTQI communities through the operation of teleweb counselling services. A non-profit organisation that provides support services, information and counselling for sex and gender-diverse people in Queensland. A drop-in centre and support service for young people who identify as sex, gender or sexuality diverse.

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As well as support services, they offer a range of peer support programs and social events — providing a safe space for young people in Queensland. It's run by the Expanded Horizons Program and provides an opportunity to socialise, skill share and explore the community. E Contact. D Digitized. International Gay Information Center collection. Toggle Mini Map View as Network. Request access to this collection.

Gay Project

Restrictions apply. Scope and arrangement The collection documents the gay liberation movement in New York City and America from the s to the s. Arrangement Five series: Audiovisual Materials; III. Other useful ways to make the library more user friendly to GLBT patrons include having free bookmarks with GLBT related titles or special subject areas, distributing book and video lists of GLBT titles, arranging book jackets of recent acquisitions on bulletin boards, providing research guides or pathfinders that summarize the different types of GLBT information available, compiling a union list of GLBT-related books and periodical subscriptions, and publicizing the availability of GLBT-related materials in the library's newsletter or other printed media, such as local or regional GLBT newspapers [ 18 ].

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Providing good GLBT resources that address the many previously presented information requirements of this group within the library, as well as supplying quality links on library Web pages, would clearly indicate to interested patrons that their needs are being recognized. One frequently overlooked section of the GLBT population is middle-aged and older adults.

LGBT Youth Resources

Unfortunately, this segment of the aging population has not only remained invisible but also has to contend with persistent myths and stereotypes. As a result, many such persons encounter barriers to receiving proper medical and mental health care [ 19 ]. The librarian could provide access to information important to the aging GLBT population on topics such as depression and suicide, vision impairment, partner loss, visitation rights, and other issues of advancing years. Perhaps the main reason that a GLBT health professional would prefer to approach a known GLBT librarian is the almost certain knowledge that the librarian would not display prejudice toward the health professional's particular sexuality or information requirement.

Even without these positive displays of support, medical librarians, by providing friendly, caring, accepting, nonjudgmental, and confidential services, can do much to supply both the GLBT clinician and patient with appropriate reference resources.

Archives & Manuscripts

Librarians and libraries are uniquely individual and all of them must constantly assess and seek to improve their current methods of, approaches to, and marketing strategies for information delivery to all patrons. Subscribing to this journal might be an excellent start in the process of making one's library a GLBT-friendly place. Although the National Library of Medicine subscribes to this publication, it is not indexed in Index Medicus. Perhaps like other special groups medical journals such as Journal of the American Medical Women's Association and Journal of the National Medical Association, this journal will one day also be indexed so that appropriate citations will potentially be seen by PubMed searchers.

Understanding a patron's fear or unease about seeking reference assistance when seeking information might reveal his or her sexuality requires awareness and sensitivity on the part of the medical librarian, particularly when dealing with the needs of a medical student or resident.

Working with such an individual demands certain skills that may not have been addressed in library school and may, in fact, be beyond the comfort level of the information professional. In such instances, it may be most prudent to honestly express lack of knowledge or discomfort with the topic and refer the patron to a colleague who would be more at ease.

If no one is available, pointing out other sources of information, including another library, may be of great help to the patron. If this is not done, the patron will most assuredly sense the librarian's unease and may very well never again ask such a question of that librarian, or perhaps of any information professional. It was quite inspiring to note that most encounters between clinicians and medical librarians were positive and productive.

Almost all the information professionals expressed the desire to serve all patrons, regardless of which particular group s the patron might belong to. The vast majority were quite comfortable in being approached with a reference question that involved a GLBT concept. It is hoped that data gathered from the survey participants will serve to bring awareness to readers of this report and potentially help them to further enhance their efforts to serve the information needs of all patrons.

The authors thank the survey participants for taking the time to carefully answer the questions posed and for their trust.

Biographical/historical information

Anonymity of all participants will be respected. Names and e-mails will not be disclosed or published. With permission, the author may contact a participant by e-mail to clarify answers. Questionnaires will be deleted after the research report is written and published. Are you willing to allow the author to contact you for clarification of answers if necessary? Questions 10—28 are for health care professionals or students only.

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When in need of information for the benefit of a PATIENT'S care for which you have some difficulty in finding the necessary materials, would you approach a medical librarian for help?: Never Occasionally Often. Yes No Unsure. -- International Gay Information Center collection

Yes No. Would you feel comfortable asking your medical librarian for such materials?: This is the last question for health care professionals or students! Thank you. Please skip the questions in the next section and go directly to the bottom of that section to submit your responses.

Questions 29—45 are for medical librarians or library science students only. Nonlibrarian health care professionals and students should only answer the questions presented in the previous section. If you answered Yes to the above question, could you please explain in what way access to services could be enhanced? National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. J Med Libr Assoc. Charles R.

This can help if:

Fikar , M. Fikar 1 St. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Received Mar; Accepted Jun. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Objectives: Table 1 Characteristics of the survey population. Open in a separate window. Name not required: E-mail not required, but may be helpful: If you typed your e-mail above, please re-enter e-mail as a check. Are you a health care professional or student non-medical librarian?

Are you a medical librarian or library science student? What is your age? In what country do you reside? Yes No Unsure If you answered Yes to the above question, can you explain why? Yes No Unsure Would you feel comfortable asking your medical librarian for such materials?: Yes No If the answer to the above question was Yes, please explain: Yes No If you answered Yes to the above question, could you please explain in what way access to services could be enhanced?

Yes No If the answer to the above question is Yes, can you please explain?

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